Yuto Kasai

Born in Hirosaki Aomori Japan in 1988. Based in Tokyo. Started taking photograph when 15 years old.
After graduated Colledge,worked as an Architect.


2013 Grand prize of the 9th “1_WALL” photography

Group Exibition

2013 The 9th”1_WALL”photography at Gurdiun Garden in Ginza Tokyo 2015 AXIS Photomarche Roppongi Tokyo

Solo Exibition

2014 Ginza Tokyo Tokyo

Sendai Japan

Mito Japan 2015 Shinjuku Tokyo

Prize winning Exibition of 9th_1_WALL Ginza

Sendai Mediateque Artcenter Mito Matchbaco

Grand prize of the 9th “1_WALL” photography